Head South (not yet released)

Directed by Jonathan Ogilvie.

UFOMO (2023)

Directed by Alexander Jones of One Dollar Genre. I played a government agent.

Cydonia (2022)

Directed by Julian Josland. I played a marine.

Join the Club (2022)

Directed by Mark Morrish. I played Damien.

Taniwha Gorge (not yet released)

Directed by Corran Lindsay, this project is a work in progress. I play an arrogant English aristocrat. We’ve filmed in some amazing remote locations.

Ostentatiously dressed 19th-century man with a knife to his throat.

The Whole World (2020)

48Hours film competition, team Toot Toot.

Stopping World War II (2019)

48Hours film competition Christchurch finalist, team Toot Toot. I played the scientist in 2219, gaining us the award “Best Use of Wind”.

Mama (2019)

Directed by Daniel Sheridan.

The Smart Phone (2019)

Directed by Raymond Lum.

Error Control (2018)

Computer Science Field Guide (University of Canterbury). I played the checkout operator.

The Wish (hopefully nobody else picked that title) (2018)

48Hours film competition Christchurch finalist, team Toot Toot. I played the genie.

(S)takeout (2018)

Directed by Beka Cameron. I played the father.

The Stolen (2017)

Directed by Niall Johnson (best known for Keeping Mum). I was an extra (a goldminer). I appear in two scenes (one indoors and one outdoors). My greatest claim to fame is being an unrecognisable gesticulating bearded blur behind Jack Davenport of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, although (if you look carefully) I am recognisable in this shot from the same scene:

A rabble of excited miners in a 19th-century saloon.

Brobot (2017)

Directed by Andrei Talili. I played “Courier Man”.

Jack of All Trades (2016)

Directed by Jake Vale. I was an extra (a “Telecool employee”).

Gone (2016)

Directed by Krysta Neve. Nominated for Best Cinematography (Christchurch). I played Charlie Flowers.