I’m an actor. Below is a list of my film roles. Feel free to reach out about new opportunities for collaboration.

Brooding, ethereal photo. Mark (against a fluffy sunset) rests his rainbow-striped denim sleeve and looks at the camera.

Citron (2024)

Directed by Georgie Lush, this is the latest short film to be released by One Dollar Genre. I have a cameo as a revelous partygoer.

세상 따위 Fucking World (2024)

This music video marked the launch of the newest album for K-pop artist Layone. I played a contemptible chef. You can see additional footage in the teaser. Directed by Hobin.

Mark dressed as a chef shouting at Layone who is a waiter. In the background are a second chef and the manager, who are both also aggressive.
Mark Darbyshire in 세상 따위 Fucking World by Layone

뉴질랜드 New Zealand (2024)

This music video for a 2022 song by Layone was the prequel for 세상 따위 Fucking World (above). Directed by Hobin.

Shadowy shot of five people staring ominously through a dirty kitchen window
Mark Darbyshire in 뉴질랜드 New Zealand by 래원 Layone

Head South (2024)

Directed by Jonathan Ogilvie, this film recently premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and is planned for release in mid-2024 in Australia and Aotearoa.

Taniwha Gorge (not yet released)

Directed by Corran Lindsay, this project is a work in progress. I play an arrogant aristocrat. We’ve filmed in some amazing remote locations.

Ostentatiously dressed 19th-century man with a knife to his throat.
Mark Darbyshire in a teaser image for Taniwha Gorge

UFOMO (2023)

Directed by Alexander Jones of One Dollar Genre. I played a government agent.

Mark Darbyshire as a government agent looking up at a bright light in the sky.
Mark Darbyshire in UFOMO

Cydonia (2022)

Directed by Julian Josland. I played a marine.

Mark Darbyshire dressed as a marine in a low-budget sci-fi film.
Mark Darbyshire in Cydonia

Join the Club (2022)

Directed by Mark Morrish. I played Damien.

A mysterious man offers a hard drive in one hand and a gumboot in the other to another man
Mark Darbyshire in Join the Club

The Whole World (2020)

48Hours film competition, team Toot Toot.

Watch the animated film Toot Toot, filmed remotely as part of 48Hours Lockdown Edition

Stopping World War II (2019)

48Hours film competition Christchurch finalist, team Toot Toot, directed by Michael Bell. My performance won us the award “Best Use of Wind”.

A shot of an excited man with long hair and arms outstretched beside four computer screens is blown away
Mark Darbyshire as the mad scientist being blown away by the audience in Stopping World War II

Mama (2019)

Directed by Daniel Sheridan.

Two young men. One has just let the other into an old house.
Mark Darbyshire in Mama

The Smart Phone (2019)

Directed by Raymond Lum.

Mark Darbyshire looks at his smartphone in panic
Mark Darbyshire in The Smart Phone

Error Control (2018)

Computer Science Field Guide (University of Canterbury). I played the checkout operator.

Watch my part in this cheesy educational video.

The Wish (hopefully nobody else picked that title) (2018)

48Hours film competition Christchurch finalist, team Toot Toot, directed by Michael Bell. I played the genie.

A chubby, tackily dressed genie has just appeared in front of a man holding a teapot on a pebbled shore.
Mark Darbyshire as the genie in The Wish

(S)takeout (2018)

Directed by Beka Cameron. I played the father.

Canterbury rebuild seven years on (2018)

I channelled my inner documentary presenter for a scene about construction in this Stats NZ video.

Mark stands on brightly sunlit concrete in front of garden, grass, and a townhouse building site with scaffolding.
Mark Darbyshire speaking about construction statistics in Canterbury rebuild seven years on

The Stolen (2017)

Directed by Niall Johnson (best known for Keeping Mum). I was an extra (a goldminer). I appear in two scenes (one indoors and one outdoors). My greatest claim to fame is being an unrecognisable gesticulating bearded blur behind Jack Davenport of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, although (if you look carefully) I am recognisable in this shot from the same scene:

A rabble of excited miners in a 19th-century saloon.
Extras in a saloon scene from The Stolen

Circle (2017)

Directed by Jonathan Briden. I played Aaron in this web series pilot.

A man and a woman have hot drinks in a kitchen looking concerned.
Mark Darbyshire as Aaron in Circle

Brobot (2017)

Directed by Andrei Talili. I played “Courier Man”.

Jack of All Trades (2016)

Directed by Jake Vale. I was an extra (a “Telecool employee”).

Mark Darbyshire doing enthusiastic, full-bodied vocal warm-ups in a call centre
Mark Darbyshire as a “Telecool employee” in Jack of All Trades

Gone (2016)

48Hours film Christchurch, team Rags to Richmond, directed by Krysta Neve. Nominated for Best Cinematography. I played Charlie Flowers.

Mark Darbyshire sits with his coffee at an outdoor cafe table and smiles at a stranger just out of shot
Birds-eye view of Mark Darbyshire lying dead in the shallows at the beach next to his grieving partner
Mark Darbyshire in Gone